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Jessica was first exposed to Pilates in 2005. Having been an accomplished swimmer and triathlete, she struggled with low back pain and shoulder injuries for several years. Pilates was recommended to her by her physical therapist as a way to maintain her body, protect herself from future injuries, and build core strength. While preparing to compete at the ITU World Championships for triathlon, Jessica added Pilates to her workout routine and fell in love. The rehabilitative work combined with the mental focus her Pilates workouts provided inspired her to become an instructor and teach this amazing form of movement to others.

In addition to her athletics, Pilates also fit in well with Jessica's personal interest concerning the mind and body connection. After graduating in 2006 from Seattle University with an honors degree in Psychology, Jessica immediately began her Pilates instructor education and has continued learning ever since. She currently holds five certifications giving her a very well rounded and holistic perspective when working with clients. She is an advanced STOTTâ„¢ Pilates Instructor, C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, USA Triathlon Coach, Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist.

By combining all of these methodologies, Jessica is able to help anybody reach optimal wellness, through movement, nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Jessica's fun personality, keen eye for movement, and strong educational background help her to create fun and challenging workouts. These individualized workouts are created specifically with the clients posture and overall goals in mind helping you to become happy, healthy and of course, have an amazing pain-free body.


Char began her interest in teaching the Pilates Method in 1998, when Moira Stott-Merrithew of Stott Pilates came to Seattle to introduce her contemporary approach of Pilates to the health and fitness industry and went on to recieve certification for Pilates Mat and Apparatus while building teaching experience as a personal trainer and group instructor at area gyms and studios.

Origainally coming from a background in dance, competitve freestyle frisbee, and martial arts during teen years led Char to learn Yoga as a way to build on the mind-body connection and find a healthy balance with the rigor of her athletic activities. She has been practicing Yoga since 1988 having started in college, while majoring in an interdiscipilary program of Human Movement Studies.

Currently Char is teaching at Emerald City Pilates while training in freestyle frisbee for competitve events held around the world. She attributes Pilates with creating the critical core stability, movement efficiency, precision, postural support and mental concentration necessary for an optimal performance.Beside having a lot of fun sharing all the details and nuances of Pilates technique with clients she loves to see how they meet or exceed their goals, become truly proficient and improve overall health and wellbeing.


Stephanie began her practice in 2005 when a fellow instructor inspired her to pursue a career teaching Pilates. Since then, she has improved her posture, flexibility, and strengthened her body in preparation for two beautiful baby girls. Each pregnancy brought unique challenges both during the prenatal and post-partum phases. Through Pilates she was able to bring her body back to pre-pregnancy strength through conscience body movement and awareness. After 11 years in Fundraising (i.e. sitting at a desk) and two children, she began to fully understand how incredibly vital Pilates is to everyday functional mobility and strength. Because of the self improvement she gained through Pilates, she changed her focus in life in hopes of helping others reap the benefits of conscious body movement. In the past she worked with non-profits to aid society and the individual through fundraising work. Now her focus is on individual clients with the goal of helping them to gain body awareness and control to overcome the everyday stressors that can cause pain in the body

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