About Pilates:

Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise for every body, from the complete movement novice to the intense athlete, weekend warrior to working moms, teenagers to the elderly. All exercises are adapted to your body's needs and your skill level. Whatever it is you love to do, Pilates can help you do it better.

Pilates was originally created and developed by Josef Pilates in 1918. Over time, several different styles of Pilates have developed from the original work.

At Emerald City Pilates, we teach contemporary Pilates, meaning that all of Josef's original exercises have been adapted and modified according to the most current information about the body and movement. Our main goal with Pilates is to strengthen the body from the inside out, helping to restore neutral joint position, range of motion, flexibility, strength, and coordination. We strive to train the "core" muscles throughout the entire body which in turn helps to build better posture, balance and creates a long, lean appearance. Pilates also helps to strengthen the mind-body connection through awareness of breath. All exercises are coordinated with specific breathing patterns, helping to connect the mind to what the body is presently doing.

People working out on equipment People working out on equipment