Metabolic Typing

It’s time to find the best diet for you!

Did you know that you are biochemically unique from everyone else in the world? Well, you are! And your body requires a specific diet in order to balance out your unique chemical makeup. Now, there are numerous diets out there - and some of them work great, but many don’t. Instead of playing a guessing game, why not discover the answer through Metabolic Typing, the quick and easy way to discover your body’s unique chemical composition?

How It Works

Step 1: Answer an online questionnaire.

You can expect to provide answers to questions about your specific physical and psychological traits as well as your body’s response to certain types of foods, like meats and fruits. These answers will help Jessica create a customized, sustainable diet plan, eating methodology, etc. for your unique biochemistry. The eating plan and methodology will balance your autonomic nervous system and oxidative system.

Step 2: Answer an online questionnaire.

With the help of Jessica, a CMTA ™, you will receive one-on-one guidance about the types of foods to eat, what foods to avoid, and proper macronutrient ratios that will give you sustained energy, enriched vitality, satiation after meals, and mental clarity. Whether you want to lose weight, feel happier, increase your energy, or relieve symptoms of ADHD, etc., tailoring your eating habits based on your unique biochemistry needs will dramatically improve your health and wellness.

Food Sensitivities

If food sensitivities are a concern, an MRT™ test can uncover the foods that are secretly causing your body inflammation. MT and MRT tests compliment one another and will help you discover the diet that is best for your unique body.

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