Autumn Needle

PMA-CPT®, Buff Bones® licensed instructor, trained in Restorative Movement at Nutritious Movement™, certified yoga teacher


Autumn comes to Emerald City Pilates with a more than 40 year history of studying and practicing movement. She began dancing and practicing yoga as a child. She first encountered Pilates as a young dancer at Smith College, but didn't begin her teaching career until almost 20 years later in 2006. She taught yoga, mat Pilates, and aqua-fit, then got her comprehensive Pilates certification in early 2012. She has taught Pilates full time since then with an additional 5 year period of working as an instructor trainer at Vitality Pilates.

Autumn is fascinated by bodies and how they work. She loves to collaborate with her clients for problem solving and exploration, bringing her keen eye, natural curiosity, deep knowledge, and precise instruction to bear in relation with and respect for the client's own expertise and experience of living in their own body.

Over 50 herself, Autumn is interested in questions around aging stronger: how to build or maintain physical vigor and confidence in the second half of life. She's happy to work with clients of any age around the concrete, specific issue of the day but is likely to keep at least one eye on the long term payoff of the end game and the everyday habits that can take us there.

When she's not teaching Pilates, Autumn can be found with her nose in a book, taking a walk, geeking out with fellow movers at a workshop, or up in the air on a trapeze.

To contact Autumn, email [email protected]