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    After starting my full time desk job, I noticed at the end of the day I felt so stiff and hunched. I am a dancer and thought that a dance class or joining a gym might help me loosen up but my uncomfortableness still persisted. Plus, I ended up being more sore after dance classes and grossed out after using the communal machines and being with the grunting weight lifters at the gym.

    Emerald City Pilates was a perfect fit for me. I found the experience to be exactly what I needed. A private session with a great instructor that customizes your workouts to provide relief, better alignment, and adding tone. I would definitely recommend it to any young professional that is looking for a refreshing interactive way to exercise."


    I started practicing Pilates to build strength and increase flexibility. This work helped me manage my back and shoulder alignment. Jessica has also convinced me to change my diet. She uses various tools to assess sensitivity to food and cajoles me to reduce my sugar intake.

    These changes have reduced inflammation and have helped reduce weight. All this work combined has increased flexibility and has ended back and knee pain. I actually enjoy our time together. She is entertaining to say the least. After an hour of laughing through a session I leave ready to face my week.


    I'm a competitive swimmer, and I came to Pilates with the goal of improving my swimming. Working with Jessica has been wonderful for that, especially with her background in triathlon and swimming.

    In particular, she's designed and implemented a Pilates plan that's specific to swimming and specific to my personal races within swimming. I was able to improve my personal record in the 200 meter breaststroke by 2.80 seconds. I can't recommend her enough.

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