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About Franklin Method®

Franklin Method® is a scientifically-proven mind-body movement system that blends embodied function and Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery™. It’s the fastest and most effective anatomy-based approach for fitness and medical professionals and students to permanently retrain their bodies and minds for optimal function.


Through the Franklin Method© Level 1 Teacher Training you’ll optimize your own function, form, and mental state. You’ll revolutionize your teaching style so you can inspire more students, increase participation, and create better results.

Franklin Method© retrains the body for optimal function, posture, and self-healing. Over the course of a year you’ll learn how to guide your trainees to peak performance using science-based tools:

Students who are feeling stiff and stuck will learn how to become supple, calm, and energized through a short daily practice. The ones who are already doing pretty well will go from good to exceptional.


Using evidence-based flexibility and strength-building techniques in conjunction with Franklin Method© balls and bands. These practices increase the brain’s capacity for self-healing and work for audiences of all levels and backgrounds.

The more you practice Franklin Method©, the better your results. There’s no limit to how well you can perform and how good you can feel when you have Franklin Method© tools in your pocket.

During the training we will cover:

  • Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery (DNI) for rapid improvement in movement and alignment.

  • The Franklin Method Bone Rhythms for whole body coordination and efficiency, imaging the movement of the bones in real time for optimal design activation.

  • How to feel great in your body in minutes and how to teach that skill to others.

  • The mastery of the best cueing skills for successful and enjoyable teaching.

  • Practical insights into the embodiment of function; from bio-mechanic synchronization to movement excellence.

  • How to train to go from average to outstanding.

  • Effective, fun and practical exercise series using Franklin balls and bands

What will I experience?

  • Longer life span without an intensive physical therapy plan.

  • Energy and stamina when you need it – without resorting to extra coffee.

  • Steady creativity, so teaching feels fun, rewarding, and simple.

  • Better sleep, so your body has a chance to restore and repair every night.

  • Solid focus, even if you’re easily distracted and often feel scattered.


If there was a technique that’s…

  • Always available

  • Adaptable to any situation or person

  • Free of cost

  • Improves flexibility, strength, speed, and coordination

  • Increases motivation and self-confidence

  • Builds concentration and endurance

…would you want to learn it? 

It’s called Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery™, and it’s a scientific approach to improving your anatomical function and form through embodiment and mental training. Quick, effective Franklin Method© ball and band exercises will make you feel better in just a few minutes. You’ll forget what tightness feels like, build strength and flexibility, and learn an entirely new approach to teaching movement.

Instead of thinking or reading about the mind-body connection you’ll have a physical experience of it and get the tools to explain it to others in a way they’ll immediately grasp.

Whether you’re a pilates instructor, dance teacher, or simply a fitness fanatic, becoming a Franklin Method© Educator will rewire your body for self-healing and top function. Plus, you’ll get a whole new toolbox of skills to share with your students and/or loved ones.

What’s Franklin Method©?


Franklin Method® is a scientifically-proven mind-body healing method that blends embodied function and Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery™. It’s the fastest and most effective anatomy-based approach to permanently retraining your body and mind for optimal function.

Franklin Method® guides your body to move in alignment with your natural internal function so you can build strength and increase flexibility without straining yourself.

Most forms of exercise and movement teach you to contract your muscles, which works against your anatomy and makes you weaker, tenser, and more prone to injury. Franklin Method® guides you to move with the natural patterns of your muscles and organs, improving your daily experience and physical performance.

Through Franklin Method© we practice moving the way we are designed to function, and soon it becomes second nature.People who practice Franklin Method® are strong, flexible, and experience little to no tension. They feel light, energized, and free of pain almost every day. They have great posture and know what’s happening in their body at any given moment.

“I initially did it because I wanted to teach classical ballet in a better, more productive way, and on the journey I actually fixed all my own injuries. I had knee pain, hip pain, back pain, foot pain, and I don’t have any of that any more. And another added bonus of that has been that I suddenly became awfully creative.”

- Kathryn Hailey, Franklin Method Educator


Level 1 Franklin Method© Educator Teacher Training

In this Level 1 Teacher Training you’ll learn the basics of Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery (DNI)™, embodied function, and proprioception in all their applications.

We’ll especially be focusing on how the bones naturally move to support efficient, effortless movement using the Franklin Method© Bone Rhythms.

We’ll cover fundamentals such as biomechanics, posture, and breathing.

At the end of the course you’ll receive a certificate to teach a handful of introductory workshops:

  1. Introduction to Imagery

  2. Pelvic Power

  3. Healthy Spine

  4. Happy Knees

  5. Relax Your Shoulders


A Franklin Method study in the Journal of Imagery Research in Sport and Physical Activity proves its efficacy in improving dancers’ plies…

“Eighteen participants performed a series of plié arabesques during three visits over a period of two months; at each visit, pliés were performed before and after an image intervention, and the change in mean Likert scale rating was calculated for each measure. In 130 out of 162 ratings, plié arabesque scores were higher following the image interventions.”

Franklin Method© has also proven to be helpful in improving serious conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, demonstrated through this in the Hindawi Journal of Neural Plasticity

“Twenty subjects with idiopathic PD [Parkinson’s Disease] … were randomly allocated into DNI [Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery] training … or in-home learning and exercise program.

DNI training focused on anatomical embodiment and kinesthetic awareness. Imagery abilities, disease severity, and motor and nonmotor functions were assessed pre and post intervention. The DNI participants improved in mental imagery abilities, disease severity, and motor and spatial cognitive functions.

Participants also reported improvements in balance, walking, mood, and coordination, and they were more physically active. Both groups strongly agreed they enjoyed their program and were more mentally active. DNI training is a promising rehabilitation method for improving imagery ability, disease severity, and motor and nonmotor functions in people with PD

Your Training Includes…

  • 21 days of intensive training taught in 5-6 day modules over the course of one year

  • One set of Franklin Method© Balls

  • One Franklin Method© Blue Band

  • Franklin Method© Educator Certificate

  • Permission to teach three Franklin Method© Workshops

  • Special access to Educator-Only courses and content

Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to the Interactive Training Facebook Group.

This online membership site includes immediate free access to the following tools…

  • Pelvic Power 1 & 2 online courses

  • Mind-body online course

  • Educator-only online course: Franklin Method© Principles



Franklin Method® Teacher Training

Revolutionize your teaching style so you can inspire more students, increase participation, and create better results.

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