dynamic abs + strong glutes

Franklin Method Workshops at Emerald City Pilates in Seattle

Join us for two new Franklin Method workshops, taught by expert Kat Carter at Emerald City Pilates.

saturday, april 6th

10:00 AM — Dynamic Abs

1:30 PM — Toned Glutes + Thighs

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Yoga Instructors can earn 3.5 hours of CE credits for Yoga Alliance!

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Reserve your spot today, Space is limited. 


What is the Franklin Method? 

Each class begins with imagery exercises to help you feel present in your body. You will learn the skill of perceiving what you are doing while you do it. You can practice this skill within a yoga pose, while you walk, or even during a conversation. The Franklin Method offers various tools and imagery types, such as anatomical imagery, to enhance your experience.


What Is Anatomical Imagery?

Think about your scapulae and how they move three-dimensionally on your rib cage when you move your arm. While you perform that movement, you can clearly focus on the respective anatomical image, not only making the movement easier and more enjoyable, but also enabling you to feel more flexible and prepared to move. Our aim is to offer tools such as this, so you can experience more joy and ease within your body.

Check out our sister site for more information about upcoming trainings with Eric Franklin in Seattle!


franklin method seattle

Who Can Attend?

Anyone with a desire to learn to use their body in a more productive and efficient way! We welcome movement experts, educators, and total novices. Sign up for one workshop or both. The more you attend, the more you save.

Cost: $57 per workshop or both for $99.

Register by March 16th and save 10%.

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Toned Glutes + Thighs

Have you ever heard the cue “engage your glutes”? What muscles make up the glutes and how do they work when we train, walk, dance and run? Join Franklin Method educator Kat Carter for an experiential look at how to truly train and tone your glutes and other muscles of the thigh.



Dynamic Abs

What kinds of abdominals do you have and what do they do? Join Franklin Method Educator Kat Carter to experience your body wall in an entirely new way. Learn new exercises to strengthen and tone your core and fascia for the most dynamic abs of your life.



Our Expert, Kat Carter


 Kat Carter

Certified Yoga Instructor, Writer, and Level 2 Franklin Method Educator

Kat is a passionate yogi + wellness blogger with a thirst for adventure and seeking “the good stuff” in life. After leaving her demanding corporate marketing job 2014 to pursue teaching full time, she has found a completely new outlook on life and understands the stress and sensory-overload her students face on a daily basis all too well.

Kat’s goal is to create a safe and inviting space for people to let go and reconnect to their authentic selves. Her classes offer a unique style of playfulness, exploration and motivation that inspire her students to take their practice to the next level - both on and off the mat. 

In 2015, Kat began her intensive study with international movement educator Dr. Eric Franklin. Kat is currently on the discovery path of combining Franklin Method dynamic imagery theory with yoga and is seeing mind-blowing results. She is somewhat of an anatomy ‘nerd’, closeted computer geek, francophile, wanderlust gypsy, and free spirit rolled into one. She lives to eat, dance to good jams, and teach people how to rock a handstand.