Lynn Tofil

STOTT PILATES Instructor and certified CORE™ (Merrithew™) Trainer  

Lynn Tofil_Headshot.JPG

Lynn is an avid lover of mindful movement. She believes that by gaining control and interconnection in our bodies, we gain availability to movement. As a dancer for most of her life, Lynn earned a degree in Dance, where she found Pilates. Pilates helped take her dancing to the most professional level, and she now dances locally for a contemporary dance company, as well as creates her own dance work. In her Pilates sessions, Lynn is interested in helping clients find ease and power in challenging exercises. Likewise, she loves dialing into specific, therapeutic methods to target imbalances or injuries. In both Pilates and dancing, she is always studying ways to find the most efficient movement patterns.

Lynn has been teaching STOTT® Pilates since 2014, receiving training both in Detroit and Seattle. She is also certified in CORE™ (Merrithew™), an interval training program designed to increase athletic endurance and agility. She also has experience teaching dance, barre, and yoga. In her spare time, she loves to read, hike, and spend time with friends.

To contact Lynn, email [email protected]