Nora Kosack- Junior Instructor

STOTT Pilates Trained Instructor


Pilates found Nora about four years ago, when she was writing her master thesis and had pretty severe lower back issues. The thought of a doctor sticking needles in her back scared her so much, she was willing to try anything else to get better.

Nora started with Mat Pilates in Munich, Germany and soon realized that not only her lower back improved, but her core also felt stronger and her posture improved. After about the 10th session, she was able to concentrate on breathing "right" and implemented the inhale/exhale in her daily routine. 

After moving to San Francisco in 2015 she tried Reformer sessions and was hooked immediately. Since then, her days always start with a Reformer workout.

Nora was getting so passionate about Pilates, she wanted other people to be amazed by it too. So, one thing lead to another, and she began her training to become a Stott Pilates Instructor after moving to Seattle in 2016. This training taught her to create an entire picture of movement, anatomy and Pilates principles combined with the importance of postural alignment. 

When Nora is not doing Pilates she loves to hang out on the beach or hike the PNW with her husband and her pup Ava.

Nora's Schedule: Mondays 6am-11am, Wednesdays 12pm-5pm, Thursdays 6am-12pm

To contact Nora, email: [email protected]