Tell us about yourself / your family.  

Born to a couple of baby boomers turned teachers, I grew up camping, swimming, and hiking in CA, always looking up to my surfer big brother. Stereotypical, right?  Growing up in a small, active family, I developed a great curiosity for the limits of my own body and a need to learn how it functions! 

Did you grow up in Seattle / how did you end up here?  

 I was born in Santa Barbara, CA and grew up in a small town called Santa Ynez, known for its vineyards and rolling golden hills. After deciding I'd like to try out the city life, I attended UW and have made Seattle my home ever since. 

When did you start practicing Pilates?

 I was first introduced to Pilates as a young Dancer training in NYC. I took a Pilates mat class every morning to gain strength and body awareness. Later in my Dance career, I found STOTT pilates due to a dance related injury and the rest is History! 

Favorite food?

Well, I'm a lover of all things chocolate… but I can't pass up a spicy fish taco smothered in hot sauce either. 

Favorite wine!

Despite my upbringing in the wine country of southern CA, I'm far from a wine connoisseur, however, I'm known to gravitate to a delicious Pinot Noir or a Shiraz.   

Why did you become a Pilates teacher?   

I've always been interested in the way bodies move. After the rehabilitation of a dislocated knee and shoulder, I realized what a difference pain free, thoughtful movement can make in someone’s life. I became a Pilates instructor to help others connect with their bodies and experience movement with a new understanding of their individual body.   

Describe emerald city pilates in three words.    

Informative, restorative, stimulating 

Do you have a favorite "type" of student when you teach Pilates?  

Working with an injury is something unique to pilates. I enjoy helping clients work around or through their physical limitations and on toward their goals. Whether that be increased range of motion after an accident, general flexibility, or gaining body awareness.      

If you could go anywhere in the world -- where would you want to visit?  

Top of my list for travel destinations is Colombia. I could practice my Spanish, eat some delicious food, AND go to South America for the first time! Who could pass up that opportunity?! 

What are your favorite ways to incorporate movement into your life in addition to Pilates?  

Aside from Pilates, I take regular dance classes of various styles, swim whenever I get the chance, and ride my bike everywhere! I love seeing what this body is capable of!