Are you constantly craving sweets and don't know why?  Do you want to be able to gain control without deprivation?   

The federal government’s decision to update food labels in 2016 marked a sea change for consumers: For the first time, beginning in 2018, nutrition labels will be required to list a breakdown of both the total sugars and the added sugars in packaged foods. But is sugar really that bad for you? Is the sugar added to foods really more harmful than the sugars found naturally in foods?   The answer, according to the New York Times, is "it depends".   Read that entire article, here

With so much information on the web and in the media, understanding sugar and how it can affect your health can be overwhelming and confusing.  Topics will include:   

  • The role sugar plays in our food system
  • Is sugar addictive?
  • How to deconstruct cravings
  • Cooking without refined sugar

Jen, our nutrition expert, will be leading this hour long discussion on sugar and sugar handling so you are more empowered to make healthier decisions around sugar. 

We will be meeting at Sweetgrass Food, Inc. on Saturday,  March 11th from 9:45am-11am. Space is limited to 10, so reserve your spot ASAP. Free for members and new clients, $20 for the general public.  Click here to reserve your spot

We hope to see you there!