Are you thinking that you should make the move from private sessions (1:1) to duet sessions (2 students:1 instructor)?  Private sessions, or one-on-one sessions, are great as you are just starting to get to know your body and becoming familiar with Pilates exercises and terminology. But depending on your budget and goals, making the jump from privates to duets could be a good option depending on how you answer these three questions: 

  • Do you know your body well?  Pilates is all about exercising with proper form so if it’s hard for you to tell what your body is doing, the likelihood of being able to self-correct without hands-on cueing by your instructor can be difficult.  Also having a decent understanding of basic anatomy and movement terms will take you far as duets tend to be faster-paced. 
  • Do you have an injury?   Pilates has a deeply rehabilitative aspect and it can be great for helping people with chronic and acute injuries. If you have a specific injury bringing you to Pilates, duets may not be the best option since you’ll be sharing your instructor’s attention with someone else. Not to mention, the added benefit of having a private Pilates session tailored 100% to your body’s needs when you have any type of injury can do wonders!
  • Do you have someone you want to work out with?  Half of the battle with duet sessions is finding someone to work out with.  If you have a friend, family-member or work colleague that you know you will be a good partner for you, duet Pilates can be an excellent option. It’s a great way to have fun and get in shape together while saving some cash.  If you don’t know anyone you could pair up with, check with your instructor as there may be another client at the studio that they could pair you up with. We’ve had lots of success with this at Emerald City Pilates so let your instructor know if you’re interested in being matched up. 

There are many factors not covered in this blog that can be helpful in making the decision between private and duet Pilates but in my experience, the three questions above are key points to consider when exploring this option for yourself.