I Haven’t Been Sick in Almost Three Years

That’s what he announced, as he ate his bowl of green stuff and sipped his tea. The girl, surrounded by dirty tissues, gave him a watery-eyed glare—made of one part annoyance and one part curiosity—and visualized a life free from cold and flu seasons. Imagine what that would be like. You could win perfect attendance at work for never using sick days. You could sip chai in the fall instead of cough syrup. Even beyond that, those nagging illnesses or constant belly bloat could be history. For real.

A healthy immune system battles anything awry in the body, and it’s designed to win. Our gut, which houses 70% of our immune system, serves as home for little bacteria that regulate its function and fight infections. Diets lacking in appropriate nutrition damage the balance of the gut flora, inviting all kinds of sicknesses and ailments to set up shop in our bodies. This doesn’t just include colds and flu, but asthma, autoimmune disorders, and some cancers. Even people with pretty decent eating habits are often lacking the necessary good bacteria for the immune system to do its thing at full capacity. If you’ve had enough of spending your resources on sicknesses, and you’re ready to get your tummy flora back in tip-top shape, it’s time to recruit some high-quality soldiers for your gut’s probiotic army.

MegaSporeBiotic is a spore formula probiotic, designed to survive the acids of the gastric system. It colonizes well in the system and supports the growth of good bacteria already growing in the intestines, making it significantly beneficial to gut health. Spore formula probiotics, and the people who use them, boast improvements of a plethora of sicknesses, including:

Asthma and allergies

Urinary tract infections

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Colds, flu, and other infections

Side effects of antibiotics

Bacterial overgrowth/candida

Pain from Rheumatoid arthritis

Additionally, MegaSporeBiotic is reported to help lower the risk of heart disease and cholesterol, and it improves digestion through correct absorption of nutrients. This brand of probiotic is special, in that it is the first commercial probiotic of its kind to produce such a large amount of carotenoid antioxidants throughout the intestinal tract, where it can be absorbed and get to work.

If you’re ready to get to the root of your health problems, consider giving MegaSporeBiotic probiotics a shot. Call, email, or see us at the front desk of the studio for more information.