Keep waking up in the morning, and one thing’s for sure: you’ll age. We know you’re thinking, “Thanks, Captain Obvious,” but the years fly by without warning. If we’re not diligent in establishing routines to keep us fabulous and fit, the aging process will sneak up on us.

Aging itself is not a disease. The ailments of aging often involve pain, stiffness, and loss of body awareness and control. Disease and discomfort are part of the vicious cycle of pain, which decrease the desire to include physical activity into your day. Everyone’s looking for the fountain of youth, and since that fountain might lie in a cocktail instead of one single faucet, Pilates is a tailor-made solution to combating the woes of the golden years.

Pilates reduces inflammation.

Studies show that mat Pilates aids in reducing CRP, a protein in the blood that increases with inflammation. Compared to resistance training, Pilates was more effective in reducing inflammation. While Pilates doesn’t cause a drastic decrease in the protein, it does increase the protein’s tendency to drop off. Therefore, when paired with healthy diet choices and other consistent forms of movement, Pilates serves as a secret weapon against inflammation, the main culprit of aging.

Pilates keeps you on your feet.

Whether you prefer the mat or reformer, Pilates is unmatched when it comes to methods of increasing balance. The fear of falling is a valid concern, as broken bones and bed rest follow such injuries, making it significantly more difficult to establish and maintain a regimen of movement. One marked result of a regular Pilates practice is improved balance. The heart of Pilates is core strength, and a strong core means more grace, agility, and the ability to stay on your feet when missteps try to knock you down, literally.

Pilates loosens you up.

Remember those arthritis commercials featuring ladies and gentlemen who were just trying to find a solution for the pain and stiffness in their bodies? You don’t have to qualify to audition for those commercials. Pilates is well known for its ability to add suppleness to your frame. Where there is flexibility, you won’t find stiffness or slow-to-heal injuries. The body will respond better to changes in your physical environment, and you’ll find that the ease of movement seemingly adds years to your life.

Paired with other healthy lifestyle choices, Pilates serves as a real game-changer for the more seasoned community. So sign up for a class, and pair the wisdom of this season of life to the fitness of before.

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