Let the temperature drop a few degrees, and here comes the pumpkin-spiced everything. It seems that every year, pumpkin flavor makes its way into just about any drink we can put into our mouths. And who can blame the powers that be? It’s delicious! But as yummy as it might smell…and look…and taste, the human body hasn’t yet evolved into such a machine that can run on the stuff. We still need our water, and while they say that water consumption among Americans is up 38% since around 15 years ago, many of us still aren’t getting enough. 

People cite all kinds of reasons for not drinking enough water: “I just don’t think about it,” “I always forget the bottle at home,” “Water has no flavor.” No matter why we don’t get it in, our bodies don’t respond to excuses or intentions.

Seventy percent of the human body is water. We lose hydration throughout the day via sweat and urine, and not replacing this necessity could mean illness, dehydration, dry skin, and fatigue. All that, just from not getting enough H2O? Really? Really.

No worries though. We’re here to light the fire under your desire to step your water game up. Take a look at these handy facts that will remind you just how amazing the clear stuff really is.

·       While some people push for everyone to chug a gallon of water a day, that’s not really necessary. Take your weight in pounds, and divide it by two. That number, in ounces, is the amount of water you need each day. If you weigh 150 pounds, you need 75 ounces of water in a day. Simple enough, right? If you work out, add another 1-2 bottles.

·       There is such a thing as water intoxication (when ingesting too much water severely dilutes the sodium in your body), which, in some cases, has led to death. So, while you may need to increase your intake, there’s no need to get all beastmode on the water hole. Just follow the guidelines above, and call it good.

·       You’re actually thirsty way before your body even feels it. By the time you’re parched, you’ve already lost over 1% of all the water in your body. Another sign of thirst is hunger. If you need to keep eating and eating can’t figure out why, you might not be hungry at all. Have a glass or two of water, and if the cravings subside, then you know that all you needed was something to drink.

·       Since coffee and tea are diuretics, the water you get from drinking those doesn’t count. Sorry!

·       Many people who suffer from acne claim that drinking enough water daily greatly diminished, and in some cases, even cured, their ailment. So if you’re tired of breakouts, challenge yourself to 30 days of adequate water, and see if you get similar results.

Even though it’s cooling down and you may not be sweating as much, it’s still necessary to stay on top of your hydration. Keep a log to track your intake, and pay attention to your energy levels and complexion. While other yummy beverages might tickle our fancies for a while, when it comes to the greatest beverage of all time, water still reigns supreme.

Jessica Notman