Step Into the New Millennium with Massage

Isn't it funny how luxuries of the past have become present-day necessities? Back in the day, only cool guys in convertibles with white suits and pastel shirts owned cell phones, but today, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone with a landline. Remember when direct deposit was causing a corporate uproar, but now, people are like, “A paycheck? What is this—1998?”

Well, I don't mean to sound sensational, but massages are next in line. They have made their way from beach canopy vacation luxuries to an integral part of a sound body and mind. Let me explain.

We live in a go-go-go world, where we hustle from place to place to sit more than the human body was designed to. With an increase in careers and activities that require little movement, and the speedy pace of life we rarely question, it's no surprise that the overall health status of the country is less than stellar. It's up to each of us to make a conscious effort towards self-care, and the winning trifecta consists of a nutrient-rich diet, a steady fitness regimen, and regular massage. So why is massage such a big deal?

1.     It soothes your body. A legit massage therapist does far more than rub oil on your skin until the hour’s up. Professional massages reduce muscle tension and nerve compression, relieving you of spasms, contractions, and conditions made worse by muscle tightness. Like what? Anxiety, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and even insomnia. If you're looking for a pharmaceutical-free method to help alleviate such issues, massage could be your answer.

2.     It eases your mind. Studies show the stress hormone cortisol drops after a massage. What does that mean for you? You don't have to walk around in a perpetual state of tension. Couple your massage with regular Pilates, being sure to practice mindfulness throughout both activities, and you'll start to see your mindset transform from one of pressure to one of peace.

3.     It's readily available. Quality therapists can be found in spas, or you can book them to come right into the comfort of your living room. How's that for relaxation?

So, are you ready to add a regular massage to your list of necessities? Once you do, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Jessica Notman