It's travel season, which means you're probably going to be hitting the road or the friendly skies soon for an escape from reality. Some time off from a normal routine is extraordinary for our physical and mental health, but only if we do it right.

Travel has a tendency to throw our bodies all out of wack if we let it, but the power to maintain your fitness progress is in your hands. If you're planning a getaway, here are a few tips to keep your Pilates practice in line.

1. Put in the extra time before you leave.

Spend some time before or after your normal class having your instructor observe your form and routine. This way, when you pack your bands or mat to take with you, you can workout in full confidence that you're performing each movement correctly.

2. Stay focused.

Trips can mean long nights and lazy days, but it's possible to carve out some quality you time, even when you're in chill mode. You're probably thinking about how exhausting vacation activities can be, or how the point of the trip is to recuperate from the craziness of everyday life in the first place, but arguing with the fact that exercise gives you energy is a battle you just can't win.

3. Do it online.

Does your instructor offer online sessions? Could you tease and 100 your way through a Skype workout? Why not?! Ask if she'd be willing to make that accommodation for you while you're away. That's the beauty of the Internet—it's made the world much smaller.

4. Find a studio where you're going.

In fact, your coach may even be able to refer you to a quality instructor in your destination city. This is a great way to stay accountable while making new acquaintances. And for a bonus, the locals will be more than happy to point you towards the hottest spots in town.

So there they are—four excuse slashers to keep your body moving in the right direction while you're gone. The discipline it takes to stay on a fitness regimen on vacation can empower you. Now go have some fun, and come back rested and ready for some advanced Pilates action.