Welcome Autumn Needles to Emerald City Pilates!


How can you develop everyday habits for long-term results?

Our newest member of the team is here to help you answer this question!

We are excited to give a warm welcome to the newest member of our Pilates team, Autumn Needles. She brings a lifetime of experience in various movement arts and modalities with her early background as a dancer. Now, 40 years later, she is particularly interested in how one can age with more grace and strength through the Pilates method. This includes helping her clients build regular habits!

Autumn began teaching mat Pilates in 2006 while also teaching yoga and aqua fitness. She knew from early on the benefits of Pilates after her exposure to the method while studying dance at Smith College. She went on to complete her comprehensive certification in 2012 and has been teaching full-time since then.

Always curious about creative problem solving, Autumn is fascinated by bodies, movement, and how they work together to create an embodied experience of living. She enjoys working collaboratively with her clients to find the best solutions that fit their body and unique skill set. Years of experience have developed her ability to observe and understand her clients mindfully and with mutual respect.

One of the questions Autumn loves to ask is: “ What are the long-term benefits of this at the end of the day?” She believes in troubleshooting the answer to this question to keep the eye on the prize rather than taking any shortcuts. This outlook helps all walks of life, at any age!

In her spare time outside of Emerald City Pilates, Autumn is still keen to enjoy moving her body at a trapeze class, movement workshop, or taking a nice walk. Are you ready to book your session with Autumn? Contact her today to set up your first session!

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