Meet our Newest Instructors!


When you’re in the presence of someone whose passion for what they do seeps through their pores, you know it, and that’s just what you get when you’re around Emerald City Pilates’s newest instructors, Sara and Michelle.

Sara Kimmel’s ambitious nature shows in all she does, which explains why she challenges her clients to push themselves towards their full capabilities. Sara has been an athlete her entire life; she used to be a competitive equestrian, and she’s now a skier and cyclist. As an athlete, not only does she understand the importance of a healthy body, she also knows the frustration an injury can bring. In fact, it was through a back injury she discovered Pilates, which gave her back the ability to live an active life.

Her desire is to assist her clients in gaining strength, maintaining it, and accumulating the confidence that comes along with discovering just what their bodies are capable of. She knows that correct, consistent movement is the key to being able to fully engage in the activities that matter most.

Sara focuses on proper alignment and technique with her clients, and she can never learn enough about her craft. She makes it a priority to stay up-to-date on the newest in exercise science and the body in order to best serve her clients.


Michelle Gantz is ECP’s newest Senior Instructor. Michelle comes to us with tremendous knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm. She is a STOTT Pilates Level 2 Instructor, STOTT Pilates and Merrithew Instructor Trainer, and Licensed Massage Practitioner. In addition to those accomplishments, she has over 10 years of experience teaching yoga.

Michelle understands that everything in life is subject to change, therefore, she is sensitive to the needs of her clients, knowing that what they needed yesterday may not be what they require from her today. Her goal is to help them feel better after their session with her than they did before they walked in. She has the ability and know-how to help athletes improve their performance and to create regimens for clients experiencing osteoporosis or who have undergone hip replacement surgery. No matter your goals, she can raise the bar or modify movements to accommodate your personal needs.

Don’t worry though; she’s not all business all the time. Michelle enjoys a good laugh, making her sessions fun and personal, and staying active by biking, running, skiing, and of course, Pilates.

Drop into the studio and make sure you introduce yourself to Sara and Michelle. Take a look at their schedules to see if you fit, and if so, schedule a session! They’d love to get to know you and take you to the next level.

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Jessica Notman