Welcome, Nora!

Welcome Our Newest Instructor, Nora!


Nora was busy, hurting, and scared.

On the brink of a major life achievement, while writing her master thesis, she struggled with back problems that stood between who she was and who she was striving to be. Nora was ready to be done with the pain, but the thought of shots in her back was terrifying.

In her search for relief, she found a calling.

Nora began her Pilates journey on the mat. One session turned to ten, and she’d begun to notice that not only was her back feeling better, but her posture was better, too. She kept going. Eventually, she progressed to the Reformer, which is now a part of her everyday morning routine.

Nora is a STOTT trained Pilates instructor who believes in the proper alignment and movement of the complete body--everything working together, synergistically. Stories like hers are an inspiration, because they prove that when we give our bodies what they need, we give ourselves a chance at holistic health, free of unnecessary medical intervention. In the process, we may even set our lives on a new path, spreading the passion of wellness on to the next person, who’s also looking for a way to tap into the best their body has to offer.

Would you like to know more about how Nora implemented Pilates into her life to eliminate the back pain she battled? She’s now part of the ECP family, so drop by and chat with her about how she can you help you overcome nagging pains and debilitating injuries the way she did.

Nora is available at the studio on Mondays from 6am-11am, Wednesdays from 12pm-5pm and Thursdays from 6am-12pm. Get on her schedule while there's still room!

Jessica Notman